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Most Important Completed Projects

Educational projects

  • Building of a school for 120 pupils (Secondary Technical School) Alavanyo Kpeme
  • Purchase of a school bus for Secondary Technical School at Alavanyo Kpeme
  • Building of a girls' hostel for 60 girls at Alavanyo
  • A kindergarten building for Hohoe
  • A kindergarten building at Sovie
  • A project for women, 25 sewing machines for textile production, one knitting machine for the Alavanyo community Support for a nursery school with 80 pre-school children at Alavanyo Sponsorships for nearly 100 needy children which have sponsor-parents all over Germany at Alavanyo
  • A second sewing project for young women at Hohoe
  • Alavanyo-Nkonya - Peace project: School feeding program for one school in Alavanyo and one in Nkonya School feeding program for Saviefe Organisation of 10 computers, printers etc. for the Philipp Akpo school at Ho
  • 1000 school uniforms for Akrofu
  • 100 mattresses for pupils at Alavanyo

Agricultural projects

  • Farm project for rice, casaba, pineapple at Alavanyo
  • Installation of 7 mobile pumps in the 7 largest villages in Alavanyo for the irrigation of fields (better yield through harvesting fruits in the dry periods)
  • Grascutter farm project at Dogbedze

Music project

  • A support for a group: 2 trumpets, 1 tenor saxophone, 1 alto saxophone, 1 trombone were donated by two famous German actors, to teach the young up-coming on learning these instruments. Further instruments will follow at Wudidi

Water project

  • Analysis of the water situation in Alavanyo, all sources like river, springs and pump systems have been tested by German specialists in regard of contamination.

Health projects

  • Alavanyo-Nkonya - Peace project: Medical Equipment for the new clinic in Nkonya
  • Together with the German Rotary Volunteer Doctors arranging of a support of 25.000 Euro for the Clinic at Dodi Papase
  • Visit of German Doctors from the Tropen-Institut, treatment for about 50 people
  • A 40-foot container full of emergency goods mainly for the sick and handicapped
  • Sitsofe Ametefe underwent two tumour operations in Germany, costs GHc 50.000,00
  • Young tumour victim Prince had a successful tumour operation in Accra the same as Anipa Mawnko
  • Titus received regular treatment for heart disease
  • Fidelia Dzebles and Elisabeth Afetis stomach operations were successful in Accra
  • Orthopaedic stuff helps a young girl which came down with polio
  • Needy children receive regular medicine treatment
  • Sponsored Togbe Petekwatsi to Germany for a successful slipped disc operation
  • Provided Annual Health insurance cards for 100 people
  • Angelle hat her first heart operation at the open heart, a second will follow in 2011
  • Four hernia operations
  • One big tumour operation, treatment all together over the period of three years
  • Provided Roll chairs for polio patients
  • Provided 10.000 spectacles for Alavanyo communities

Photographic project

  • Paid for equipment like cameras, Filters, lenses etc. to help train young people as a photographer


  • A 40’container with new textiles, furniture, medical equipment, bicycles etc.


  • Assisted many street children Launched a project for handicapped people

Northern Region

  • Flood victim project, a truck with rice for the needy people near the White Volta River

Eastern Region

  • Built a clinic at Maase in the Eastern region, a main building and two staff buildings

Ashanti Region

  • Support 50 needy children, school- and kindergarten fees, equipment and school uniforms


  • Wrote the book: “Mein Leben als Königin in Ghana” published by Ullstein, Berlin
  • Translated the Book “The Ewe-Nation and SASADU” into German, published in Germany

TV and Media Presence

  • Own TV show for two years, two times monthly one hour, Channel HSE, Part of it “Ten minutes about Ghana”.
  • Giving about 40 lectures about Ghana in Companies, Embassies, Museums, on events etc.
  • About 400 articles in the German Media Presence in about 50 TV and Talk Shows, also high ranking political formats.

Current Directorships of Mamaga Akosua I (Cornelia von Wülfing)

(Only social work)

  • Director on the Board of VORDA, Volta Region Development Agency
  • Director and President of Youth Speak Ghana, “Ghana Youth Unite” President of Alavanyo e.V. Germany


  • 2007: Award for the contribution towards the socio-economic development of the Republic of Ghana and guest of honor of the Embassy of Ghana at Berlin

Other titles

  • International Ambassador Extraordinaire of the Ministry of Health (for Diseases in Ghana) given in November 2010

International Projects until 1998

  • 1980 -1996 - Social engagement for projects of SOS-Kinderdörfer in Germany and World-Vision in Manila, Philippines.
  • 1984 – 1987 - First own social engagement for the environment. The planting of more than 1000 trees all over Germany, an initiative of the German TV, Germanys most important newspaper and Cornelia von Wülfing. Mamaga donated: One Million US $ to the project.
  • 1988 – Engaged on the board of trustees for the preservation of the oldest trees (500 to 2000 years) in Germany, the Natural Monuments of Germany. The only and well-acknowledged photo book about old trees in Germany has been published by Mamaga.
  • 1996 - 1998 - School and Kindergarten project in Zimbabwe, at Gokwe and Chiawa.