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Paramount queenmother of SASADU areas organizes operations for needy people.

Mamaga Ngoyi Nyonufiaga Akosua I, the Paramount queenmother of SASADU areas, privately known under the name Cornelia von Wülfing, has already organized several operations, such as tumour operations, hernia etc. for needy people in Ghana. Today the nine years old Angelle from Tema, will have her first heart operation in Korle Bu. Angelle has four holes in her heart and she will need to have a second operation at the open heart in about 16 month time. It has been by accident, that the father of Angelle met Mamaga Akosua I. some weeks ago in Accra, just when his daughter nearly collapsed. The father, who already took his daughter to Korle Bu for a medical check up, has been despaired, because he did not had the money for the operation, which will cost about US $ 6.000,00. But in this like in the other cases the German NGO Alavanyo e.V. will pay the costs for the operation. The NGO has been founded in 2000 by Mamaga Akosua I., some months after her installation as the queenmother of Alavanyo in Volta Region. The medical care is only a small part of the projects of the NGO, which has already built a girls hostel, a school and a kindergarten. Further projects are a farming project, a sewing project, which has been sponsored by the German embassy in Accra with the help of his excellency, the German ambassador Mr. Peter Linder, sanitary projects, the installing of water pumps for the seven villages of Alavanyo and many other activities. A 40’’ container with medical equipment, roll-chairs etc. has also been sent to Ghana. For further information please contact www.alavanyo.com In 2006 the recent queenmother of Alavanyo became the title of the paramount queenmother for SASADU Areas, which are Sovie, Akrofu, Saviefe and Alavanyo, with all together about 150.000 people, because of the development, which she brought to the area. More than hundred children of her sponsorship organisation have already German “parents”, which pay the school fees, the clothes and the books for the needy children. Every three to four months Mamaga Akosua I. comes back to Ghana from Germany, where she actually lives. “Ghana has become a part of my life” the German business lady says, “I came here first in 1999 to buy medical plants in Kumasi and to import them to Germany, where I am producing pharmaceutical products. And I stayed. Before I already started a project in Simbabwe, but the mentality and the kindness of the Ghanaian people, their cooperativeness and the beautiful landscape made me falling in love with the country. A part of my heart is always staying here”. The newest project, a very big one, will be a health care system for the whole of Ghana, which she already discussed with the Minister of Health, Hon. Courage Quashigah. This idea at the moment is still only a vision but with an exact planning. It will need hard work, much money and about two years time to realize it. “Nothing is impossible, you only must really want it”, is the motto of her life. And she already made it possible that many Ghanaians are having a future, education, work and their health back. Very much involved in the peace keeping process between the Alavanyo and the Nkonya people, Mamaga Akosua I. always tried to arrange a meeting with the Nkonya people and their Paramount chief and her in war time. Unfortunately at that time it had not been possible, because of personal risks. But now, some weeks ago, the first meetings in Alavanyo and Nkonya have been arranged. “Tribal thinking is stopping development so much”, she says. “I always came back, even when shots were fired at the durbar ground were I sat, but the development in these areas stagnated for a certain time. I am German, but I also feel like an Ghanaian. 50 years of independence must make it possible to get closer together, thinking more national, practising solidarity, joint action, helping each other. I am coming from Germany to help sick people, and very often I can see, that their relatives don’t care about them. That is something what is making me very sad. And I hope, that having a better education, also will maybe bring a little bit of more humaneness to the people”. Coming from Germany the members of the NGO, which are all working honorary, are travelling about 6.000 miles to do their work in Ghana.
If you are interested in helping them please contact the internet-site www.alavanyo.com.